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Turn your campus and classroom into a community. Connect everyone effortlessly.

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The Class Chat ecosystem.

Helping schools connect and stay connected with students.

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    Access your whole campus. Instantly.

    • Connect your faculty and students to each other.
    • Class Chat automatically syncs with your LMS or SIS, allowing for instant access to classmates and teachers.
    • Turn your campus into a powerful community, where messages are seen and heard.
    • No more inbox pile up
    • More studnets connected = better academic performance.
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    Reach your students where they are, their phones.

    • Be available to your students.
    • Easy to use, not only for you.
    • Turn your classes into a fun and active community.
    • Keep your students in the loop, without any extra effort.
    • Help your students succeed by being there, for them.
    • Send hard to miss notifications to keep your students on their A-game.
    • Control when you want to be reached.
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    Talk to your teachers, peers, and friends.

    • Get help quick
    • Instant access to teachers and classmates alike.
    • Automatic Canvas group import
    • Make group projects fun again
    • Build new friendships with your classmates
    • Always be in the loop
    • Send files, videos, and more with 0 size limits.
    • Gone are long email threads with peers and teachers

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