Is Class Chat better than email?

The inbox had its prime, but students today need more than the inbox and refresh button to work with each other. Like a whole new approach to collaboration.

Email isn't broken. It is behind.

Even though chariots and horses work great, we have cars. This isn't shocking, better technology in and out of the classroom allows you to move faster, save time, and connect more easily. That is exactly what Class Chat provides.

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Strong Base for Collaboration

Class Chat comes with features that support and empower collaboration in schools.

  • Transparency

    All content in Class Chat is searchable by admins. No need to sift through threads and threads of emails or forward content back and forth.

  • Flexibility

    File sharing, group imports and more are all built into Class Chatโ€”along with real-time messaging. So you can truly work together however you work best.


    Class Chat connects students across the campus with each other, forming bonds and friends that would otherwise be impossible. While also teaching students, staff, and administration not only how to work together, but succeed together.

  • Security

    Class Chat only works with SSOs. Preventing outsiders from breaching campus and class channels.

How to use Class Chat

Get chatting fast. No account creation needed.

  • 1. Download app or go to Website.
  • 2. Sign in
  • 3. Start Chatting!

You Ask โ€” We Tell

  • What is Class Chat?

    Class Chat is a classroom and campus collaboration tool. It instantly connects your entire district/campus down to the individual student. This makes everyone far more reachable vs other solutions like email.

  • What are the advantages of Class Chat?

    Class Chat is a collaboration tool centered around what matters most for students. Their classes. This means unlike other solutions which are centered around the campus, that communication is far more personalized around each person's schedule, thus boosting platform engagement and retetention, along with reachability and academic performance.

  • Do I need to create an account?

    No, once Class Chat is integrated in your district, you can sign in and instantly start chatting. All your data will be moved from your school account.

  • Does Class Chat work with Private Schools?

    Yes, book a demo with our team at to bring Class Chat to your school, no matter the size

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