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Class Chat securely connects students, teachers and staff in a single messaging platform.

Turn your classroom and campus into an integrated learning community.

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  • Class Chat is student built, and student focused.
  • Our longest relation spans 4 years.

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The teachers really appreciated the option of using Class Chat and many use it on a regular basis for quick reminders to students, etc.  They like that the platform is similar to Remind- an app that they have been using for years. Parent Square doesn't have the same options to reach students on their cellular devices like Class Chat. It is more interactive and the students pay attention to the notifications and check their phones. Plus Parent Square does not allow for a quick and simple back and forth and sharing of pictures, PDFs, etc. between teacher and students, especially teacher and multiple students... Essentially it comes down to the fact that students like the Class Chat format and will use the app. 

Jennifer Brown, Head Principal


Class Chat is a promising tool for facilitating effective communication and collaboration within the educational ecosystem. This platform presents a seamless and user-friendly interface, offering students, faculty, and staff the means to engage in real-time discussions, resource sharing, and collaborative project work, all within a secure academic environment. Class Chat can play a role in fostering a sense of community and engagement among students, based on the platform’s responsiveness to inquiries, openness to feedback, and commitment to continuous improvement, based on user input. 

Michael Solt, Dean of College of Business. CSULB

"Classchat—an app specifically designed to help facilitate communication between students, teachers, and faculty... The app was designed to be more secure than commonly used alternatives like Slack and Discord by using Google Accounts to sign into the application. This feature not only makes the platform more secure by tying login information to Google, it also makes it easier and more convenient to use."

Long Beach Business Journal

We make it easy to talk to your students and staff.

Everything from campus messaging, to student-student collaboration

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  • For Admins

    • The power to reach your campus instantly. All in your phone... or browser.
    • Save yourself, teachers, and students time.
    • Automatically connect your whole campus
    • FERPA, HECVAT, and VPAT compliant
    • Seamless LMS Integrations
  • For Students

    • Ask quick questions, get quick answers. 
    • Talk to your classmates easily and safely.
    • Control your communication preferences.
    • Easily Stay on top of whats going on
    • Sign in with your school email and password, and thats it.
  • For Teachers

    • Be available to your students.
    • One simple platform for all your classes.
    • Reach your students where they are, in real time.
    • Send hard to miss notifications to keep your students on their A-game.
    • Control when you want to be reached.
  • Class Chat can easily integrate directly with:

    How it works

    Class Chat works in 2 easy steps.

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  • Easy Sign in

    Everyone on campus can sign in using their Student System or Learning Portal Login.

  • Start Chatting!

    And thats it, you're in!

  • Bonus: Set up our widget

    Use our widget to see your upcoming assignments, and stay ontop of your classes.

  • Features built to work together. Seamlessly.

    Class Chat is a powerful tool, with features that make your students', staffs', and of course, your life easier.

    • Automatic class enrollment

      No classcodes, links, outsiders, or problems. Just sign in and start chatting.

    • Built in Assignment Reminders

      Class Chat will notify students of upcoming work. Make forgotten assignments a thing of the past.

    • Assignment Widget View

      Students can see their upcoming assignments, without having to even open an app or planner.

    • Classroom group chats.

      Students and Staff can easily ask questions, send reminders, and share thoughts on whats going on in and out of the class.

    • Campus Chat.

      Class Chat allows you to instantly reach your campus via your phone, computer, or browser.

    • Preventative

      Class Chat gives administration alerts when words of concern are brought up, allowing you to prevent disasters, instead of reacting to them.

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